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Tilly & Blue

Tilly & Blue

Heartfelt Pet Portraits...

Memorialize your Pet with a traditional, lifelike portrait painting, brimming with heartfelt detail.

Commission Tilly & Blue and receive a classically beautiful work of art, that would be just as at home in a museum as on your wall.

You’ll be amazed at how fast and easy it is to commission a portrait from an award-winning British portrait artist with Tilly & Blue.

Send us your best photo of your dearest friend(s), and in just 21 days, you’ll receive your original painting that captures so much more than a photograph ever could – that “welcome home” feeling, those quiet nights on the couch, and those perfect days at the park.

Our Guarantee we’ll work with you until you have the portrait you envisioned – or your money back. We’re not just artists – we’re animal lovers who are passionate about making our customers feel a rush of love when they see our work.

Give the Gift of Love. Send a beautifully crafted portrait, gift wrapped and delivered to your door or a colleague or friend.

Place your order and send us your most beloved photos. Once approved, you’ll receive your artwork within 21 days.

We proudly represent artists with autism & award winning ‘Portrait Artists of the Year’

We are pleased to offer all members £10 off any order plus free shipping worth £5.95

Simply use the code lrpets when placing your order. 

0191 2764955

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