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Stowe School

Stowe School

Offering an Inspiring Environment...

Welcome to Stowe – a wonderful school in the most sublime setting which celebrates youth rather than stifling it. Stowe embodies the English Enlightenment and its ethos continues to be shaped by the people who teach and learn here. We offer an inspiring environment for the education of boys and girls aged 13 to 18 in the firm belief that every one of them has the potential for excellence waiting to be unearthed and burnished – the jewel within.

Through teaching of the highest calibre, Stoics are encouraged to think for themselves, challenge conventional orthodoxies and pursue their own enthusiasms. They rejoice in the differences that exist between them – intellectually, in sporting prowess and in artistic and creative achievements.

The aesthete and the athlete learn to respect each other. This passion for bringing out the unique talents in each pupil lies at the heart of our educational philosophy. Stoics acquire skills that enable them to live happily, work successfully and thrive in their future lives.

Our supportive family atmosphere and Christian ethos encourage pupils to develop a lasting sense of moral, social and spiritual responsibility. Our house system provides a caring pastoral environment in which Stoics learn to consider the rights and needs of others.

Our commitment to communication, leadership, information technology and international awareness ensures that Stoics are well-equipped to succeed in an increasingly pluralist, complex and competitive adult world. The Twenty First Century makes ever greater demands for the qualities and values instilled by an education at Stowe.

We cannot possibly paint the whole picture in these pages, so do come and experience the grandeur of Stowe’s architecture, its unrivalled landscape and the vitality of this civilised community.

Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, Headmaster

Open Mornings

Our Open Mornings are popular, and have proved valuable to anyone considering Stowe for their child. There is the opportunity to meet a number of Housemasters and Housemistresses as well as many of our Heads of Departments from our academic staff as they join in at the end of their teaching sessions later in the morning.

If you would prefer to arrange a private visit, then please do contact our Admissions Office on any of the numbers below.                   

Mrs Sue Ferrie, Admissions Manager 01280 818205
Mrs Ann Payne, Admissions Manager  01280 818323
Mrs Dawn Breward, Admin

Stowe School,
MK18 5EH

Reception Tel: +44 (0)1280 818000


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