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Super smart, classic & everyday clothing...

Established in 1988, Startsmart is a family run business based in Worcestershire.  Our aim is to provide smart, high quality and good value children’s clothing to be worn, loved, and passed on. We are noted for our classic style and offer a fabulous range of practical clothing for both Town and Country.  

The majority of our clothes are manufactured in Europe and we are proud that we have a considerable percentage made in the UK!  To enhance our collection we cherry pick from the best brands and work closely with leading manufacturers to produce wonderful garments.  Alan Paine produce several garments exclusively for Startsmart, such as the fabulous boy’s tweed jacket and knitwear.  For the girls we work closely with a leading manufacturer from Portugal, to create our own designs using wonderful exclusive fabrics.

We offer a very personal service at events, over the telephone or via our website, which offers a great choice of clothing and accessories.

On our website we have a tremendous online saleroom which is regularly topped up throughout the year and offers garments up to 60% off!

We are pleased to offer members a 10% across our range.

Simply use the discount code LS10 at the checkout. 

Office: 01386 710 000

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