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Powered by Plants

Powered by Plants

Health is Wealth...

Situated in the heart of Stockton Heath South Cheshire, Powered by Plants is an oasis of well being that offers an ethical online shopping experience. A whole foods, plant based, health food shop we would like Powered by Plants to be your go to for all things plant based, natural and healthy. We offer a large range of grocery items to stock your pantry:  fermented foods, legumes, grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, rice, pasta, breads, dairy alternatives, snacks and superfoods. Thanks to Powered by Plants’ carefully selected range and delivery options, the best in plant based grocery shopping is just a few clicks away.

You will find many of the ingredients you need to cater for your dietary requirements whether you are vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, keto or simply health conscious. From specialist foods to everyday foods, it has never been easier to order groceries online. 

Discover Powered by Plants’ huge range of health and wellbeing products from supplements to protein powders, all plant based. We stock all the wellbeing, health care products and natural health products you might need to live an active and well-balanced life. You can find everything from natural supplements and superfoods to vitamins, minerals and more. Whatever your wellbeing needs, we have got you covered. 

We source our products from cooperatives and other ethical businesses in the UK that ensure the highest quality ingredients as well as fair pay to all along the chain. We believe in traceability of our products too so that you know where your food is coming from; from field to plate. Quality, organic, healthy. 

We love our planet too and stock a range of products that care for your home and the environment. Discover our range of everyday sustainable and eco-products. You can browse all the sustainable living products you might need from household cleaning to candles and shopping bags. Whether you are looking for ethical purchases, sustainable gifts or eco-friendly household products, we can have them delivered to your door. 

It has never been easier to make the ethical choice. Eat well, be well.

Sign up today to our newsletter via our contact page and receive your discount coupon - 10% off your first shop! 

(01925) 211777

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