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Handcrafted leathergoods from Argentina...

Heritage - Pioneros started in the UK in 2003 as a family business producing fine quality leathergoods from Argentina. Our family connections in Argentina go back to before 1745, in the Spanish colonial days, long before Argentina gained independence in 1816.

Workshop - We have a family-run workshop in Buenos Aires where we create, develop and produce the designs for our handmade leather collections.  Using the fine quality leather hides for which Argentina is renowned, our skilled artisan workers take pride in producing our hand-embroidered Polo belts, Polo-style Dog collars, exquisitely soft leather Handbags, Purses and leather Accessories with great attention to detail.

Polo belts - We were the first company to bring the now hugely popular Argentinian Polo belt style to the general public in the UK and we offer the finest collection of genuine Polo belts available.  The traditional Pampa Cross design (‘guarda pampa’ in Spanish) originated with the Mapuche Indians in the 18th century and symbolises the Andes mountains and their reflection in the lakes.  We have developed this design into a bright and colourful must-have fashion accessory loved by adults and children alike.

Our Collections - As well as our very popular Polo belts and Dog collars, we have a beautiful collection of suede and leather Handbags, luxurious Purses, Washbags, plus a range of leather Accessories.

Special Offer - PIONEROS are pleased to offer members 10% off our entire range. 

Shop online and receive your discount, using the code Discover10 at the checkout. 

PO Box 4088,
Upper Basildon,
Berkshire RG8 8ZX

Tel: +44 (0)1491 671177

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