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Orwell Park School

Orwell Park School

Leading Ind Co-Ed Prep School


Founded by the Reverend Walter Wilkinson in Lowestoft in 1868, the School moved to Aldeburgh in 1870, changing its name three times – from Crespigny House to Eaton House to Aldeburgh Lodge. It then moved to its present site in Nacton in 1937 and was renamed Orwell Park. The magnificent building and grounds it now occupies were formerly owned by Admiral Vernon, 18th century naval hero, and Colonel Tomline, Victorian entrepreneur and founder of the port of Felixstowe who built the magnificent observatory at Orwell Park which is still used today.

Our Ethos

"The school is extremely successful in fulfilling its aims of providing an academically challenging and fulfilling all-round education, and strong pastoral care where all pupils are able to benefit from a vibrant boarding experience." 
ISI November 2014

Orwell Park is a long established co-educational prep school for day pupils and boarders. In a structured environment, where academic achievement and pastoral care are given top priority, boys and girls learn traditional values such as courtesy, personal responsibility and respect for others. An all-round education ensures that children make excellent progress academically as they develop in confidence and self-esteem.

Our Aims

To provide for all pupils an academically challenging, stimulating and fulfilling education,

• To offer an all-round education in which happy children can grow in confidence and self-esteem,

• To create a caring and trusting environment in which pastoral care is given top priority,

• To motivate each child to learn, explore and develop a love of learning,

• To offer to all children the benefits of a school with a boarding ethos,

• To develop in each child an increasing sense of independence and self-reliance
as they prepare for senior school.

At Orwell Park, education is delivered in a caring, nurturing environment. High expectations, coupled with learning strategies tailored to the individual child, lead to high levels of attainment.
For more information please call our Registrar, Mrs Dean on 01473 653297

Orwell Park School
IP10 0ER.

Tel: 01473 659225

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