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"Such a lively, happy and successful place"

Mayfield is a leading Catholic independent boarding and day school for girls aged 11 to 18 set in the beautiful, and easily accessible, Sussex countryside less than an hour from central London.  Described by the Independent Schools Inspectorate as "outstanding" and by Country Life as "one of the finest schools in the land", a Mayfield education combines academic rigour, breadth of opportunity and a strong sense of community.  The School has an excellent academic record, exceptional pastoral care and an extensive co-curricular programme.  Individuality, independence of thought and intellectual curiosity are nurtured and the School encourages equally the intellectual, creative, physical, emotional and spiritual development of each pupil.

Mayfield is successful in unlocking and developing the unique potential and talent of each girl.  Every pupil is accepted for who she is and is instilled with the confidence to find her strengths, wherever they may lie, and develop them in an inspiring and nurturing environment.  Mayfield’s ethos reflects its Catholic foundation and encourages integrity, initiative, respect and a commitment to be the best you can be within a vibrant and inclusive community, which welcomes all.  Mayfield is a lively, happy and successful school and Mayfield girls develop a lifelong love of learning, a range of transferable skills that will prepare them for their future and friendships that will last a lifetime.  

Open Mornings

We would encourage you and your daughter to attend one of our Open Mornings so you are able to experience life at Mayfield first hand, and see our pupils and members of staff go about their everyday lives.  This will also give you an opportunity to hear from Antonia Beary, the Headmistress and a group of pupils across the year groups. We also arrange a personal tour with two of our pupils.

Telephone: 01435 874600

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