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Leggett Prestige

Leggett Prestige

The Luxury Property Market in France...

The last three years has seen a remarkable turn around at the top end of the French market, with rising prices and strong demand in PACA, Paris and the Alps.

Leggett have over 20 years experience in the French property market and have been winners of “Best Real Estate Agency France” six years running. With their network of over 500 Agents, living and working throughout France, they provide an incredible level of service; from first enquiry to final signature. They have their own in-house solicitor and contracts department and will connect you to the best lawyers, architects, builders and service providers. They currently have over 15,000 properties, right across France to choose from.

According to Notaires de France, there were 960,000 transactions overall in France last year, many of which were in the ‘Prestige’ sector, Paris remains at the heart of this market and is still excellent value when compared to other global capitals. The ripple effect across the rest of France has been profound and there have been some significant trends in the last 12 months. In the Alps, Leggett have seen a spike in demand for ‘off-plan’ property where staggered payments, tax incentives and state of the art construction techniques have been driving sales. They are well known for their excellent selection of detached chalets and chalet apartments across the French Alps. PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) is another region where Leggett always have keen interest from buyers looking for villas enjoying the Mediterranean climate and iconic views.

Country Houses and Estates of all sizes are constantly in demand in France; with a wide variety of architectural styles to choose from across the numerous regions, you’re bound to find the perfect ‘retreat’, surrounded by acres of space in-which to soak up the relaxed lifestyle for which France is known. 

One of the most interesting trends is that of international buyers looking to purchase a Château to restore – this is undoubtedly due they say, to the popular UK TV series “Escape to the Château” and their website traffic spikes every time a show comes on.

Leggett have around 170 Châteaux for sale at under €2m euros at this time.

They’ve recently opened a new office in ‘Ile St Louis’, a picturesque island in the centre of the River Seine in the heart of Paris, a destination served by approximately 15 trains a day whisking you from the centre of London, straight through to this romantic city in roughly 2 hours 20 minutes, it’s never been easier to enjoy a little ‘pied à terre’ in Paris, where a lovely 1 bedroom apartment situated in the 4th Arrondissement, can be yours for €800,000 (£708,000). 

Leggett is truly an International, multi-lingual agency, selling to no less than 29 different nationalities last year – the French economy remains vigorous, providing a strong investment case for buying French Real this year. Contact Leggett today and talk through your requirements with one of their highly experienced and friendly Sales Agents.

+33 (0)5 53 60 84 88   /   UK 08700 11 51 51

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