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Le Marquis Luxury - St Tropez

Le Marquis Luxury - St Tropez

The Art of Luxury Living...

We have a selection of some of the most beautiful properties to rent in the South of France and a concierge service for each property.

We will give you access to these properties and we will look after you as if you are staying in a private hotel. We will get you the best tables in the top restaurants, and find the best yacht charters in these waters. We also have access to some special chefs.
We can transfer you from your arrival airport,harbour or train station: by helicopter, limousine or speed boat. We will have a concierge available  24/7.

St Tropez is probably the most famous resort in Europe.

But it was not always so: farming folk sheltered within thick cool walls, raised their poultry and kneaded their loaves, fishermen returned from the deep with their nets full, and wine growers guarded their vaulted cellars. Huddled about its church, protected by its citadel and wooded hills, the village slumbered to the chant of cicadas.

But it was popular with artists long before the international jetset arrived in the 1960s. It was attracting the artistic and dissolute long before Brigitte Bardot appeared in “God Created Woman”. Paul Signac and Georges Seurat came in the late 19th century, and by the forties and fifties it almost became an extension of the Parisian Left Bank with Picasso and Sartre, amongst others, becoming regular visitors.

The cobblestoned La Ponche quarter recalls its past as a fishing village, but now super yachts by far outnumber the fishing boats in the old harbour. The charming little village streets, spreading out from the port, are now filled with fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants, real estate agencies, art galleries, yacht brokers and home decoration shops.

The land in this part of the coast is protected, and the views down to the beaches and up to the Maures mountains are spectacular. The peninsular is covered in umbrella pines, and beautiful vineyards. When you drive over the hill past Ramatuelle village, and down into the green valley you can be forgiven for thinking that you have arrived in paradise.

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Cap Tahiti - St Tropez Luxury: This is a contemporary south facing property with spectacular views down the length of Pampelonne Beach. Heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa and tennis court. 10 bedrooms.
Villa Pampelonne - St Tropez Luxury: This classic St Tropez villa has been totally re-furbished in 2020 and is in a wonderful position overlooking Pampelonne Beach, within a short walking distance to the beach and to Club 55. Tennis court. Chef & butler. 7 bedrooms
La Bastide - St Tropez Luxury: Nestled in the heart of the lush 230 hectares of its wine estate, this unique domaine offers a beautiful Provencal Bastide, a small house and an independent apartment, tinged with southern light. They can be rented together or separately  

St Tropez Country Retreat - St Tropez Luxury: A rare oasis of calm with spectacular views extending to the gulf of St Tropez, large immaculate gardens with swimming pool and tennis court, yet a short distance from St Tropez life. 8 bedrooms

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