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Kudu Travel

Kudu Travel

Walk with us; talk with us; enjoy life with us.

We are Kudu, a partnership of a maths graduate and world traveller and a one-time barrister and Hollywood stunt man, named after a friendly African antelope. We have been walking the untrodden paths since 1997 and have taken thousands of people to exotic and less strange destinations. We adhere to a simple mantra: if it’s not fun, let’s not do it!

Our ideal Kudu day is a gentle walk from breakfast in a boutique hotel to a lunch or picnic in a sun-filled place with flowers and birds along the way. After lunch, maybe a yacht trip or another amble through meadows or across hills to a dinner with good food and fine wines. What’s not to like?

We pride ourselves on our reconnaissance: we test the beds; the meals and the wines – we know, it’s a hell of a job but someone’s got to do it. We research the history and find the undiscovered fresco or village or local that will help you live their country, not just visit it.

Forgive the much ill-used phrase, but Kudu is the ultimate ‘all inclusive’. From the moment our guests arrive at the destination airport, we cover everything: the hotels; the meals; the drinks; the guides; the fun, leaving Kudus to buy gifts and the odd personal indulgence. It is well known for guests with Kudu to arrive back at the airport with the same money in their pockets as when they arrived.

We do the far flung places such as Uzbekistan; Georgia; Armenia; Costa Rica and the Kyrgyz Republic. We rediscover European destinations such as Corfu; the Cevennes; Corsica and Poland. We tackle the quirky such as the Faroe Islands and visit close to home sites such as the Orkneys. We explore painted churches in Romania and follow in the footsteps of Paddy Leigh Fermor in Greece.

We only do small groups or private tours. Our maximum is 14 and usually we gather 8 to 10 Kudus together. Over 80% of our clients have travelled with Kudu before and many have clocked up over 20 expeditions with us. Whether old or new to Kudu, strangers at the airport end up as friends on departure. Our guides have worked with us for years and all can talk the talk as well as walk the walk.

Talking of walking, we cater for all levels from the enthusiastic hiker to the somnambulant stroller. We adapt to suit you, not the other way round. Mostly, we are civilised strollers, always finding time to stop and stare at the world.

We take our guests to opera in Norway; Finland and Sweden. Kudus have seen Jonas Kaufmann in Gstaad and baroque opera in an original theatre in Sweden.

We do not run study tours or tick the bird-watching boxes; we let Kudus learn if they wish and experience birds and flowers as the wonders that they are.

Pick up the phone and talk to us or drop us an email.

020 8150 3367

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