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Glorious & Wild

Glorious & Wild

Born from a desire for glorious clothes to fit your most wild life...

Glorious and Wild was created by me, Rachel, and was born from a desire for glorious clothes to fit with my life… The perfect winter coat had always eluded me but I knew exactly what I wanted – I had the Rift Gilet in my head for years.
Since graduating from University, life has predominantly been about my 9-5 job and fabulous weekends spent in the countryside having fun. Horses, countryside pursuits, partying and the clothes in which to do all of these have been life-long passions.

Finding wearable clothes that ooze effortless style and fit my varied lifestyle had always been a challenge so during my maternity leave, I let my little idea grow. Working on ideas, styles and closely with suppliers to carefully curate a collection that I love and hope others will too has led me to take the plunge and it would seem that my dream may well have become a reality.

My thought process for each item is simple, I want every piece to be the item you throw on and instantly feel glorious in. Then head out into your world, laugh, have fun and live your most wild life in my little creations. If these clothes could talk I would want them to tell your most outrageous stories.

Thank you for showing an interest in my company and for reading my story, I hope you love what you find and continue to live your most #gloriousandwild life.

Shop on line and use "glorious10" at the checkout for 10% off your first order.


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