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Frog - Push The Limits

Frog - Push The Limits

Don't get left behind. PUSH THE LIMITS!

The NEW Frog mountain bikes are the perfect multi-terrain bikes for off-road cycling. With junior specific components and ultra-lightweight frames, these mountain bikes are scientifically sound to provide a smoother ride for any junior.

Our choice of three killer MTBs and sporty hybrid, available in four striking colours, have been expertly designed with child-specific geometry for the most comfortable fit. The quality componentry can endure the toughest use, taking your young riders further and faster than ever before! 

With easy to reach hydraulic disc brakes and impactful suspension forks, young riders can experience smoother downhill control and tackle those uphill climbs like a champ.

The Shimano rapid-fire 9-speed gear shifters give great agility for climbing hills, while the lockout and compression control suspension forks work in line with rider weight, for ultimate control and stability!

What makes these MTBs perfect for a smooth and effortless ride?

Lightweight oversize handlebar and stem
Reduces flex resulting in better control

Lightweight junior specific frame design
Increased stability, better handling and more comfortable to ride

Tektro junior specific hydraulic disc brake
Easier to brake with greater control

Junior specific suspension fork
Enables optimal performance for lower weight riders

High quality KT machined hubs
Increased performance and greater longevity

Don't get left behind. PUSH THE LIMITS! 

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01784 557300

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