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Firma Stella

Firma Stella

Selling The World's Most Exclusive Autographs

Spring Sale - 50% Off All Signed Memorabilia!

Welcome to Firma Stella – The World's Number One Rated Sports Memorabilia Company On Trust Pilot. We sell the freshest most exciting, exclusive pieces signed by the world’s top stars!

Our experienced staff travel around the world to obtain exclusive sports star autographs on a variety of items, obtaining photographic proof whenever we can in order to set ourselves apart from other companies. We're also official partners with some of the World's top sporting stars including Ben Stokes, James Rodriguez & Manu Tuilagi.

Every item of autographed sports memorabilia, whether it’s a signed photo, football or jersey comes with a genuine Certificate of Authenticity and Free UK delivery. We also offer fast worldwide shipping in 1-7 days with next day delivery to Europe.

We understand the power of memorabilia. It connects individuals with teams, players and historical events. It’s this connection, this bond, that creates a strong emotional pull, allowing fans and collectors alike to share in the pure joy, the vicarious sharing of the achievements of high profile personalities. A physical manifestation of sporting prowess and historical encounters. 

Firma Stella’s number one aim is to provide one off unique exclusive memorabilia. We guarantee that all our items are authentic. We also like to show you our items are authentic. We often show the items being signed – photo proof!

We’re unlike other retailers, all of our items are one-offs, exclusive & unique! In these troubled times, we cannot emphasise enough the rarity value of the products we sell. It has become increasingly difficult to obtain signed memorabilia like this. Needless to say, our items are getting rarer, which is great for the avid collector!

Firma Stella is a worldwide company. We offer next day delivery within the UK, to the US & Europe! Our aspiration is to become the biggest and most trustworthy retailer in the world! We are a rapidly growing company in an exclusive niche. Our passion and youthful enthusiasm are infused through everything we do.  We don’t just sell you an item, we offer a 5 star service! Our world-class customer service is just as exclusive.

Pick up the phone, contact us by email and see for your self! There are so many ways to connect with us – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We're the number one rated sports memorabilia company in the World on Trust Pilot. 

While some of our higher-priced, rarer pieces find their way into some of the world’s most exclusive collections, other signed items are given as Christmas and Birthday presents. There is nothing better for us to receive a photo of an ecstatic father receiving a signed shirt from his proud son. Check out our Facebook feed for some amazing photos from our customers!

Whether you are looking for one of our signature collector pieces or something more modest for a loved one, you will find it in our extensive collections. Trust Firma Stella – The Champions of Sports Memorabilia!

Firma Stella
Unit 9,
Buckholt Business Centre,
Buckholt Drive,
WR4 9ND,
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1905 780014

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