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Cottesmore School

Cottesmore School

A dynamic and creative curriculum...

For 125 years, Cottesmore School has captured traditional values whilst moving with the modern world. Cottesmore is considered a home from home and settling into boarding life is made as easy as possible. New starters are allocated a “buddy” to support their transition into life at school, which they do so quickly. Days are filled with learning, fun and activities. Being as small as it is, Cottesmore is a community that has a warmth children immediately respond to; where staff and children get to know each other well.

Boarding at Cottesmore includes busy weeks, Sundays ‘in’ and Exeat weekends, all of which provide an opportunity to bond together. Trips and excursions this year vary from Brighton Pier to trekking on the glaciers of Iceland. Fishing at the lake, Chessington, Inflatable Aqua Park, zorbing, race for life, tough mudder, Drone club and more, are all enjoyed here. Parents and pupils play on our golf course. Skiing and archery skills have been put to the test. Cottesmore’s traditions are at the heart of what makes Cottesmore great and the children are a huge part of that. Much anticipated school traditions include ‘Cottesmore’s Got Talent’, our infamous 100-year established ‘Carson Cup’ cross-country run, and the Leavers’ boat race on the school’s lake. Whole school water-fights have also been a popular summer activity!

With the entire adult team trained in mental health, children are always encouraged to express their feelings. At the heart of boarding the emphasis is much more about the all-round experience and the opportunities that are available to the children, to build foundations, enabling them to develop into confident and capable young adults. Children are reminded of the school’s moto “Everyone has a talent” which is typically applied across every aspect of school life. School & Dorm Monitors (most seniors hold this responsibility) raise leadership and maturity across the school community. Staff live on site providing children with continuity of care and giving parents peace of mind. Meeting the children’s nutritional needs is another top priority with all children enjoying three freshly prepared meals every day, by our in-house chefs, plus nutritional snacks at morning and afternoon break-time as well as before bed.

Alongside all the fun here, comes great accomplishment with a dynamic and creative curriculum our teaching staff works hard to provide. Over the past year Cottesmore has seen a record number of scholarship awards, the boards in the hall commemorating these successes are filling rapidly. Chances to explore 3D printing, learn Latin and express artistic abilities in our modern purpose-built art room are readily available. Our facilities go beyond our brickwork as Cottesmore children explore tennis grass courts, an adventure playground and dorm cricket in the extensive playing fields.  

Cottesmore presents a varied and fun-filled education where at the age of 13 our children leave fulfilled, enthused, focused and ready for the next step in their education.

Cottesmore's Open Morning offers parents and their children the opportunity to explore the school and meet the Cottesmore team; who will be very happy to answer your questions about the academic and pastoral life here. During your visit you will have a tour with current students and a chance to meet members of the teaching staff.

Please contact: 01293 520648 or by email; to secure your place.

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