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Classic Travelling

Classic Travelling

Driving Holidays for the Discerning

Classic Travelling was established in 2003 and offers motoring holidays and driving tours for classic, vintage and sports cars of all ages. 

With Classic Travelling’s continual presence on the best touring roads, we are second to none for advice about exploring the world by road, and off the beaten track. We drive every single mile of every single tour we offer, both as a reconnaissance trip and then to accompany the group tours.

Our accompanied group tours are intensely relaxed affairs. Together with a group of other classic car owners (typically about 30 people  / 15 cars in a group) we follow the most beautiful routes, stay in charming high-quality hotels, and savour the local culture’s  events, attractions, and food. No early starts, no convoy driving, no competitive stages. Our detailed tour books, tour director and a tour mechanic (not UK tours) ensures everything goes without a hitch.

Our tours have been carefully designed to take you beyond the guidebook, for a real insight into a country or region, thanks to the experience of a Tour Director. The intimate group size allows us to introduce you to the kinds of people and places often inaccessible to others. It also allows us to handpick smaller, boutique properties that don’t accommodate large groups and ensures more camaraderie with your fellow tour participants, and with your Tour Director whose knowledge will bring each destination to life.

The whole basis of Classic Travelling tours is to relax & enjoy yourselves. 

All tours to Europe and beyond (not UK or Ireland) are accompanied by our trusty and friendly mechanic.

Our Independent Tours are the perfect way to enjoy a driving holiday or vacation, but without the hassle and guesswork of planning it yourself. Our comprehensive and easy to follow tour books contain everything you need to make the most of your time and get on with enjoying your trip. Our independent driving holidays are suitable for any one in any type of car.

Classic Travelling Ltd
School House
SP11 8AH
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1264 710375
Mobile: +44 (0)7712 836383

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