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Chandlery & Co

Chandlery & Co

Wonderful aromas for any occasion...


Here at chandlery & Co we create wonderful aromas for any occasion. All our diffusers are hand-poured with 100% natural oils and essential oils which are expertly blended with a non-toxic base

Our Company

Our journey started in rural Herefordshire, England as the Vegan Candle Company.

Our aim was to make the best candles possible, without any nasty toxins and without causing damage to the environment and its wildlife.

Since we began in 2018, we have grown a loyal following and in turn have grown our range of home fragrance products. We evolved into Chandlery & Co in 2020 to reflect our ambition to make the most sustainable aromatherapy products in the highest possible quality.

Why Chandlery & Co?

The name ‘Chandlery’ originates from the medieval household office that was responsible for producing wax and candles. It was also the room in which the candles were stored. The chandlery was headed up by a chandler.

The chandlery was naturally an important part of larger households in England because it was several hundred years before electricity and therefore essential in providing light.

By the 18th century, chandleries grew to become more commercial, dealing with not only candles, but other items such as soap. Subsequently, many started to become general dealers and began to provide for ships. Chandlery then became known as a dealer for providing nautical items for ships and boats, which it is still commonly known for today. 

We chose Chandlery & Co because it represents our journey from making artisan, ethical candles for homes from our home. Our candles and diffusers are made in small batches by our Head chandler Christopher Lloyd. 

Just Added: Three New Scents! 

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Contact Details

If you have any questions or need some advice on your candles, get in touch, we are always happy to help.


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