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Billy Tannery

Billy Tannery

Sourced, Tanned, Made in Britain...

Exceptional British leather goods with a sustainable twist.

Billy Tannery is a new kind of leather company. Founded in 2016, our range of modern British leather goods is made from goat leather that we produce in our own small-batch tannery. 

Our unique story began with a discovery. We found out that due to the decline of British tanneries, not one of the thousands of goat hides left over from the UK food industry was being tanned here. So in 2016, building on centuries of local leather knowledge we transformed a farm building in the Midlands into our own tannery - the first to be built in this country for well over 50 years.

Today our sustainable, bark-tanned goat leather celebrates the full circle from food to leather and eliminates the needless waste of this fantastic material. On top of this, goat leather has unique properties that make it ideal for leather goods. Not only does it have a beautiful grain pattern, goat leather is both lightweight and soft, while also being incredibly strong and durable. 

Billy Tannery’s growing range of goat leather goods is made in family-run UK workshops to celebrate this exceptional material. Our bags and accessories are all sourced, tanned and made in Britain.

Visit our website to discover more and receive 10% off your first purchase with code REWARDS10

+44 (0)330 0438293

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