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Bella & Duke

Bella & Duke

100% nutritious & delicious...

Dogs deserve to thrive, not just survive and they deserve a company that puts their health and lives before profit. Our goal is simple, to bring your pet the very best in nutrition. Let’s guarantee a future where our pets can eat as nature intended, ensuring longer, happier, and healthier lives for our best friends.

Our food

Every range of Bella & Duke natural raw dog food is 100% nutritious and delicious, designed by nutritionists and approved by vets. Our food is designed to help your dog live a long, happy, and healthy life. We follow an evolutionary template, backed by cutting edge science and research. 

We will only add an ingredient if it improves the nutritional value of our food. Simply high-quality cuts of meat, making up a minimum of 80%, select veg and berries and healthy fats. Our food is free from fillers, grains, and gluten. 

92% of our customers report their dog’s health improving within 8 weeks of switching to our healthy raw dog food. A snapshot of the many benefits our customers notice include smaller, firmer, less smelly po;, less wind; beautiful, glossy coat and fur quality; less itchy skin; and balanced energy levels.

If you want to see these benefits for your dog, all you have to do is tell us about your dog, their age, breed, activity levels and our recommendation engine will recommend the best food for your best friend. From there, we do the hard work for you and deliver your dog’s food to your door exactly when you need it.

“After years of veterinary practice and thousands of patients I believe a high quality complete balanced raw diet is the best for your pet" Dr Wendy McGrandles BVMS VetMFHom MRCVS

Our ranges

Complete Premium 
Our Complete Premium range provides high quality, complete meals for your dog without the fuss of making it yourself. Based on our Pure Meat & Bone template with added seasonal vegetables and berries for their antioxidant benefits, kelp and healthy Omega 3 rich fats in the form of a unique blend of virgin olive oil and herring. Simply defrost and serve.

Pure Meat & Bone
Our Pure Meat & Bone range is the foundation of a healthy canine diet. Based on a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet template of 80% meat or fish, 10% raw bones, 10% offal. This range enables pet parents to add what they want to tailor your dog’s meals to what they need to thrive.

Perfect for those seasoned raw feeders who enjoy a bit of DIY. If you intend to feed our Pure meat & Bone, we highly recommend some enhancing additions, like Omega 3 fats from a high-quality animal source such as fresh sardines.

Superfood Enriched
Packed full of superfoods, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants, all from natural sources, this range is perfect for senior dogs or those dogs who need an extra nutritional boost. We take our Premium Complete meals and add turmeric, ginger, freshly ground black pepper and spirulina.

Special Member Offer: 50% off your first box + free delivery + free gift!

To redeem visit our website and use code LIFESTYLE50 at checkout.

Contact details customer service:
Phone: +44 (0) 1738 505031

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