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Beachborough Prep School

Beachborough Prep School

Start here, go anywhere!

Welcome to Beachborough, an exciting and independent preparatory school that blends innovation and opportunity with traditional values to create an environment where children thrive. 

Nestled in 35 acres of glorious countryside on the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire borders, Beachborough is a school where children can be the ‘best version of themselves in all that they do’. A Beachborough child is a unique individual; they are 21st Century learners and principled citizens with a great deal of ‘sparkle’ and a caring sense of adventure. 

We have high expectations for our children and help them to develop a strong, rounded skill set with a caring moral compass. Our children are independent, adaptable, and resilient. Excellent manners, kindness, nurture, teamwork, leadership and the care and support of others are at the heart of a Beachborough learner. Above all, a Beachborough child is a very happy and successful child. They flourish as caring and grounded individuals, with exciting aspirations, in our setting.

In our last Independent Schools Inspection Report, we were given the highest possible accolade of “Excellent in all areas”. Our success is supported by our pupils consistently achieving a 100% pass rate to their senior school of choice, with many securing scholarships too. We are a truly independent prep school and can therefore provide our pupils with extensive knowledge and expertise of over forty senior schools across the country. Pupils that start here, really can go anywhere.

The educational philosophy at Beachborough is built around the Growth Mindset approach - a system of intellectual characteristics, that is woven into every aspect of school life through our ‘hidden curriculum’. They are our guiding principles, that embrace every part of life at Beachborough, and ensure that Beachburians are well-equipped for an increasingly complex and competitive modern world.

We believe that a child’s ability, intelligence, and overall success can be developed and increased through hard work, excellent teaching and a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. Children are encouraged to embrace and learn from their mistakes, as part of the wider process of improvement, through effort and determination. In essence, failure becomes a useful and necessary part of the learning progress, rather than something to discourage or worry about.

Children can be children and flourish at Beachborough because we create the environment for all our pupils to be successful. We do this by prioritising happiness, perseverance, and personal growth. As a school community, we are proud of the tremendous camaraderie, warmth and cohesiveness that exists amongst all contributors.

There is far more to Beachborough than we could possibly describe with words, so please do come and visit. Let us start your adventure…

Beachborough is open to girls and boys from 2 ½ to 13. If you would like to arrange an individual tour, our Admissions Manager, Mrs Rebecca Butler, would be delighted to find a suitable date for you to visit.

+44 (0) 1280 700071

Beachborough School, 
Westbury, Nr. Brackley, 
NN13 5LB 

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